Clicbox Revolution to Evolution

ClicBox is a new and innovative concept in kitchen cabinets. Using the patented UNICLIC for furniture technology, means the different components just clic together.

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Saves Time, More Profit

BA ClicBox is not like your traditional flat pack products. It's so easy even a child can put it together!

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Join the Revolution

ClicBox is a revolutionary product, saving you time, money, space, and will leave your customers happy.

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67% Less van space needed

You don't need a bigger van for ClicBox, it saves you space... allowing you to assemble it on site.

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BA Clicbox Features

Clicks together without tools in 30 seconds

The UNICLIC technology

The UNICLIC technology is a tongue and groove solution which enables a click connection at an angle of 90°. This revolutionary technology makes it possible to assemble flat packed kitchen cabinets by simply clicking the components together, without requiring any tool, screw or glue!

Stronger Connection

The click connection is stronger than a traditional assembly system as the joints interlock along the entire assembly length instead of only on 2 fixing points.

No visible Fittings

As there are no fittings required with UNICLIC, the technology is completely invisible.