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August 3rd, 2016 | News

After detailed negotiations since December BA Components were able to finalise the acquisition of the Uniclic for furniture business from Unilin in March.

The Uniclic® for furniture technology, which has been developed by UNILIN over the last five years, allows panels to be joined together without any tools, with a unique patented ‘click’ joint.

BA Clic Components signed a license agreement with UNILIN for the Uniclic® for furniture technology along with the ongoing and future production of all Clic components and ClicBox to the existing Unilin customer base in the UK and Ireland. BA Clic Components will now be responsible for the total sales, promotion and marketing activities of Clic Components and ClicBox actively promoting the product range through current and new distributors and stockists.

UNILIN made the strategic choice to hand over the sales & production to further focus on developing new technologies and improving existing core product ranges across a broad spectrum of market areas.

The new company will operate out of newly purchased factory premises in Rotherham South Yorkshire where a dedicated facility, and workforce has been established and the very latest production equipment installed and commissioned to progress the ClicBox brand.

BA Clic Components have just launched ‘Join the Kitchen Cabinet Revolution’ with BA ClicBox and they are confident that this modern concept and truly innovative product range will appeal to many markets; merchant groups, kitchen fitters, dealers, builders and truly prove to be a revolution in the kitchen manufacturing and construction industry.

BA ClicBox is:

  • Easy to assemble
  • Has fewer components so less to get lost
  • Is Easy to transport, handle and get to installation sites   however awkward they may be
  • Takes up 69% less van space
  • Can be assembled on site up to 5 times faster than a normal flat pack cabinet
  • No tools, glues or fittings
  • Stronger than a traditional cabinet

It really is a ‘Rigid in a box’

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